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The Feast of Harvest in the Church of Naberezhnye Chelny

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 On Sunday, September 27 the services of "Good News" church of Naberezhnye Chelny were dedicated to the Feast of Harvest. Since early morning, people started to bring variable fruits of harvest to thank God. The morning service was opened by Brother Aleksei Volosatov. He talked about the fact that we have much to thank God for. After reading from the Gospel of Luke chapter 12, verses 15-21, Brother noticed that man when he gained the wealth he said to himself, - “rejoice”, that means to spend time idly. Sometimes people with prosperity do not know where to put it and begin to spend idle days of their lives with no knowledge of the end of their days. The primary task of everyone is to take care of one’s soul and be able to properly dispose of prosperity that God gives.

Update of the Construction of the House of Prayer in Naberezhnye Chelny, 30.08.15

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During the summer, there were performed construction works for completion of the zero-cycle of the building, and also the territory upgrading.

In August, we brought stairs for the basement, slab-joists, beams and channels. By forces of members of the church, the outside walls of the basement were prepared for waterproofing, participants of the rehabilitation center made the heat insulation of external walls of the basement. Some areas of the basement were covered with clay. Within a month, we carried out cleaning and landscaping works.

Teenagers’ “Lighthouse” in 2015

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Summer, what will we remember about it? This year our teenagers have had an opportunity to take part in the joint recreation camp which was located in the dense wooded area. The forest and fresh air surrounded us every day. Our team of organizers prepared a program for teenagers’ recreation which consisted of spiritual-edifying and sport-game parts. 

Summer Recreation of Children “Tropinka-2015” in Naberezhnye Chelny

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On the picturesque lake bank, there was organized a summer recreation for children. Its participants were children from Tatarstan churches, children of parents who do not attend a church, and also children from multi-child families.

Clear day regimen, high and varied feeding, sport competitions and games tended to strengthen health of the children.

Meeting of Christian youth who are more than 25 years old

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The fifth meeting of Christian youth who are more than 25 years old was in Cheboksary from May 9 to May 10. There were 35 participants from 9 cities. People wishing to be there were greater in number than that ones who could arrive. The first day, May 9, we spent in a building of The Baptist Church in Novocheboksarsk. The servant, Sergey Devyatyh, told us about important topics for starting a family. May 10, we were divided into two groups: the first one went to serve in the Church of Novocheboksarsk, the second one – in Cheboksary. After lunch, we went for a walk in the town, and during this time distributed Christian literature in a park. Also there we prayed and then filled forms about each other. After dinner we came back to the Chuch and there started introducing each other with the forms, meet and play action games.

Tell about All Wonderful Things that God Has Made

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On the Sunday service of July 19th in the Good News Church, there were a lot of testimonies about great and wonderful deeds of God in lives of His people. Since the very beginning of the service, one could feel Lord’s presence in “a still small voice” while joint worshipping with the youth music group “Breakthrough”. 

The Power of Covenant

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Special blessings from the Lord have been received by the Good News Church of Naberezhnye Chelny on Sunday, July 12.  

The minister Ivan Nikholat started the morning service. He discussed a theme that as David had had people beside him that were persuading him to kill Saul and lead the kingdom and so we would have the people beside us that would persuade us not to take up our cross that is not to follow God’s will. It is so important for us to know and listen to God’s voice.

Father’s day, praise and worship day in the Naberezhnye Chelny church

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International Father’s day, praise and worship day – these themes were the main on the Sunday services of the “Good news” church in Naberezhnye Chelny on 21st of June. The services were unusual. During that day people praised God with songs, poetry, playing musical instruments, thanked God for their fathers. Also there were a lot of guests.

The morning service was started by Sergey Zaitsev, who congratulated all fathers with their day. He told that when a man becomes a father some new character qualities come to him. Blessings of a family and a nation depend on fathers.

Vasiliy Evchik. Warmly I congratulate you and your families on a light holiday of Christ Resurrection - Easter

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Dear friends, dear brothers and sisters! Warmly I congratulate you and your families on a light holiday of Christ Resurrection - Easter!

The holiday of Easter is the greatest day in the history of mankind. This day we welcome each other with words: "CHRIST IS RISEN! CRIST INDEED RISEN!" In Bible it is written that "Christ Who was delivered for our offences, and was raised again for our justification” (Romans 4:25).  

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