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News from Construction of the House of Prayer in Naberezhnye Chelny

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Since 19th July, the “Good News” Church’s House of Prayer has been in progress of the foundation laying and assembly of building blocks. They sealed the water meters and executed smoothing of the ground level along the foundation that consequently enabled the crane to move freely.


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The youth project “Pilgrim” was established in May, 2008 on the Bishop Vasily Evchik’s initiative. It's no secret that adolescence is a very difficult life period. The aim of “Pilgrim” ministry is to help young people to shape correct life outlook during the transitional age through the prism of Scripture; to teach to cultivate right relationships with God, parents, and each other; to keep oneself unstained by the world.


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The Recreation Power of the Sun and Summer. Organized by the Union of Evangelical Christian Churches of Tatarstan, two weeks of children’s recreation have passed imperceptibly. It was wonderful and unforge table time when children drew near to the Lord in prayers and sought His face in the Word of God, the time of the Holy Spirit’s work in their hearts.


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Between 4th and 13th July, the team of the “One Year for Jesus” Project was visiting the following communities of the Mamadyshskij and Mendeleevskij areas: Omary, Omarskij Pochinok, Nizhnij Sun', Shukrale, Tashkichu, Staroe Grishkino, Maksimkovo, Kuralovo, Russkij Sarsaz, Pseevo, Ikskoe Ust'e, Malmyshka.

Children Need Your Help

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The Union of Evangelical Christian Churches of Tatarstan is going to organize the recreation services for children from the Volga Federal District.

“One Year for Jesus” Project in Tatarstan

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The Tatar team of the “One Year for Jesus” Project composed of 11 members was accommodated at the “Povolzhskij” Christian Centre in Naberezhnye Chelny since May 21.

Church of Naberezhnye Chelny Joins the Global Day of Prayer

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The Good News church of Naberezhnye Chelny held a festive service on May 27 which was dedicated to the Global Day of Prayer. That day many Christians in the world got united in the prayer to God about their countries. The day was preceded by 10 days of prayer which churches of our region took part in as well.

Pilgrim’s Journey – Together Again

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The Good News Church, Naberezhnye Chelny undertakes a youth project called “Pilgrim” which means “traveller”. Youth and teenagers participate in it with pleasure. We arrange visits to a river island where we spend our summer holidays.

Ministering for Problem Children in Closed Settings of Tatarstan

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Childhood and prison. These two words seem to be incompatible with each other but the reality of the present-day world indicates the opposite. Children's homes under female colonies bring up children until a certain age who were born in prison. Another social scourge is prisons for juvenile delinquents.

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