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Christmas congratulation from deputy of Commanding bishop of RC HVE V. I. Evchik

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Dear brothers and sisters! In the day of light Christmas heartily I congratulate you, your church, your family members and dear ones with happy Holiday, which gives belief and hope!

More than two thousand years ago Christ Redeemer was born in the world, and Angels confirmed it, announcing to Bethlehem shepherds about great pleasure of Jesus's birth: "...For unto you is born this day in the city of David a Saviour, which is Christ the Lord" (Luke 2:11). Christmas is the one of the main holidays in the Christian world, it expected by many people with impatience. Jesus was born to live in our hearts, He was born for us, that we, believing in Him, had Eternal Life, and here on the earth were under His cover. How great is the God's love to all people! Who from us is ready to give own son instead of someone? But God made it –Christ Redeemer was born for the world? was born for you and me. Let's praise from all of our heart for this great Divine gift!

For us, believing in Jesus, this holiday is special and valuable, because Jesus discovered to us, saved us and exempted from a sin and eternal death, became our Lord and personal Redeemer. Let's give thanks to Him for great gift of rescue, that God by His grace called us sons and daughters! Great honor for us to be in the God's family! Let's hold dear this family, irrespective of, in which country, and which city we live. Let's glorify Him with our mouth and clean artless heart! Let's worship to the born Christ Redeemer, glorifying His name among the people surrounding us, and present Him our heart and pure Christian life.

We are urged to serve God, showing his love to all people. So let our life shines with God's light of love and goodness! Sharing with you pleasure of this great event, I wish you to be a blessed messengers of Christ, irreproachable makers on the Lord's field. Let the unction of Holly Spirit plentifully be on you, and the God's Word and a prayer will be an integral part of your life! Let seeds which you sow today, will ascend plentifully and will bear a kind fruit for Christ's Glory! Let your life will be filled with gifts for our Christ Redeemer! Let the streams of God's grace and blessings fill you, your families, your church and a place of your residence with light of the God's Word and Eternal Love which makes miracles, bringing peace and happiness to all people!

Merry Christmas!

With love, deputy of Commanding bishop of RC HVE Vasiliy Evchik.