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The “Good News” Church Conducts Services Devoted to the International Orphans Day

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The “Good News” Church of Naberezhnye Chelny held services to mark the Orphans Day on 7 and 8 November.

Vladimir and Alla Yakubovich (Belarus) attended the meeting on November 7, and the Head Bishop of Russian Pentecostal Church Eduard Grabovenko participated in the service on November 8.

The morning service was started by the minister Sergei Nikitin, November 8, who read some passages from Scriptures declaring that God is the Father of orphans. He talked about causes of child abandonment in Russia.

Vladimir Yakubovich, who served with playing the saxophone, testified about meetings with orphans in his life. He said that sometimes we just need to introduce orphans with the God's Word.

Eduard A. Grabovenko thanked the church for prayers for the senior pastor Vasily I. Evchik, focusing upon that sending and blessing him for his ministry to Russian Pentecostal Churches, we get blessed from it as well. Then he shared a word about orphans and told how God had put in his heart to open the "House of Hope". And together with the church, he made a prayer for orphans and widows in Russia.

After that, he read three stories from the New Testament. The first was Matthew 8:1-4, about the leper. Leper people lost everything: home, family, work. These people experienced rejection. Sometimes passing difficulties and illnesses in our lives, we begin to give up losing interest in life and cease to believe that God is able to do something in our lives. The story of the leper shows that God does not ignore what happens to us, He cares about everyone.

The second story was Matthew 8: 7-13, the healing of the centurion's servant. The centurion knew that a Jew could not enter the house of a Roman soldier; it would have been misinterpreted as the Jews hated the Romans, and especially the military. But he received a reply from Jesus, understanding the spiritual laws. Sometimes people, who just start to attend a church, get answers from God, as opposed to those who attend the church for a long time. Can my faith help another person who does not have it? Scripture says that it is sufficient to have just a little faith that other people might get healed.

The third one was Matthew 8: 14-18, about the healing of Peter's mother-in-law. No one asked for this woman. But when Jesus saw her and touched, she got up and began to serve. At times many of us need God's touch, so that we might get up as well and begin to serve others. Older generation in a church is a very important and loyal category of people. Often they do not complain, nor ask, but neither expect anything from the Lord. Our age does not matter for God but that God Himself might be in our lives.

Then the bishop asked all who wished to be prayed over to come forth. Many people did respond. After this one more prayer was performed over the Department of orphans in the Church.

At the end there were shown videos from the services to orphans, about trips to orphanages, and a prayer for this ministry was lifted up to God one more time.

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