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Teenagers’ “Lighthouse” in 2015

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Summer, what will we remember about it? This year our teenagers have had an opportunity to take part in the joint recreation camp which was located in the dense wooded area. The forest and fresh air surrounded us every day. Our team of organizers prepared a program for teenagers’ recreation which consisted of spiritual-edifying and sport-game parts. 

Our departure to that place was on a sunny day on Sunday, July 12. The first day all participants were settling into their houses. All of us were divided into 4 groups according to the age. Every group had nominated responsible persons – tutors and their assistants. The brothers and sisters who love this ministry held the roles of tutors and assistants. Every morning and evening, the tutors were gathering for planning and praying. God arranged all things. “Commit your works to the LORD, and your thoughts shall be established” (Proverbs16:3).

The theme of that recreation was “The Word of God”. Our goal was to serve to the children and to give them not only country recreation but to reveal to them meaning of the Word of God (the Bible) in our lives. With that purpose, every noon there was organized a service with participation of ministers of our union. Intercourse and prayers were held in the morning and evening watches at every group. Teenagers took active part in the evening services: they sang psalms and showed little stages. Our friends from the city of Elabuga visited us with a program of puppet-show; it was so interesting. In the daytime, if the weather allowed, we conducted sport games; the winners were granted with sweat presents. We taught the children to care about friends and the environment (there was a cleaning of camp area). During all recreation time, our medical man looked after our health. Since the very morning, a cooking team with a chef was fussing in the field-kitchen. They were cooking the tastiest dishes in order that we might have enough strength for the whole day.

While services, the ministers comprehensively considered the theme the Word of God, and they touched on one’s attitude to what the Bible says about the present and the future of man in Christ. Many responded to the call to repent and believe in God. They committed intercessory prayers for everyone who repented of their sins. In the last days of our camp, we lifted up prayer for the baptism of the Holy Spirit for the teenagers, “And it shall come to pass afterward, that I will pour out my spirit on all flesh; and your sons and your daughters shall prophesy, your old men shall dream dreams, your young men shall see visions” (Joel 2:28). And the Lord filled in the hungry hearts. Hallelujah!

The Lord has given us a wonderful time when we could be one united team in His inheritance. That time will be imprinted forever in the memory of all the participants of that recreation.

I would like to express our gratitude to the Lord for His guidance and mercy to the event, and all the brothers and sisters who have invested their labor in it in order that it might take place.

Aleksei Volosatov

Teenagers’ Comments

The group №2

I would like to thank all those who organized this recreation. I like to be here very much. We played pioneer-ball, volleyball, basketball. There were very interesting camp games. During the bible lessons, I have learned a lot about God. I made new friends. I would love to come here next year. Angelina.

I am so grateful to the Lord that He gave me the opportunity to come to the "Lighthouse"; I really enjoyed it here. Grateful for cooks and delicious food. I am glad that God has given me the teacher Elena Nikolaevna. I liked the services and our lessons, and my group. Nastiya.

I am here for the second time. Here are kind and helpful teachers and their assistants, fun games, blessed services. Thanks to the "Lighthouse" for all: friendship, smileы, good mood, and help. Pavel.

I have visited the "Lighthouse" for the second time. It's very cool! Classroom teachers, ve-e-e-e-ry tasty food, great games, and it is very beautiful here! From the discussions, I have learned many new things for myself, I realized my sins, and repented; and the most important – I have received the baptism of the Holy Spirit! Before the trip, I had a choice where to go: to Moscow, or "Lighthouse" and God sent me here. And I thank God for the recreation time here, that changed my life. Thanks to all the organizers! I will certainly come back here! Arina.

I want to say "Praise be to God" for the time that I spent on teen recreation "Lighthouse". For me it was a blessing. God richly worked in my heart, blessed and strengthened me. I was a tutor for the first time. When I was yet on my way to the place it was a little nervous but I trusted God, and He has blessed me and helped every day! 

I had the group №2 called "Fire of Christ", teens 13 years old. Our motto was: "We are burning, we’re inflaming, set up goals, and always winning." I'm so in love with my pupils. At first, the children were strangers to each other but day by day they became good friends. Thank God for the whole team, for the director and his deputies, for teachers and their assistants, for cooks and stove-makers, for all those who responded and served to children.

I liked that we had morning and evening services, morning and evening prayer watches by groups. After the morning service, we have had discussions (intercourses) within groups. We discussed the theme of the day, and learned by heart a Golden Verse. Teens have been very active, asking many questions. I saw that during the recreation, they have changed for the better. During the prayer for the baptism of the Holy Spirit, a few teens from our group received the feedback from God. I was so happy as I prayed a lot for it.

Throughout the recreation we have seen how God is working in the hearts of children, many repented. Despite of frequent rains, we were very pleased. Elena Nikolaevna (the tutor of the group №2).

The group №3

I thank God that there was organized such a wonderful recreation. Here we were able to relax, run a lot, jump a lot, and renew ourselves spiritually. Every day morning service offered to us various ministers. I thank them that they have paid so much time. In the dining room, they fed very tasty, even offering an addition; thank you very much to all the kitchen staff. I want to thank all the people who have donated food products for us. We had very interesting camp games. Thanks to the director, the organizers, as this opportunity occurs not so often. I am for sure to come here next year. Anna.

Thank you for these 14 days. It was the first time when I felt the presence of God. Thank you for the cakes that were given on birthdays. During the recreation, we had everything: fishing, gathering mushrooms; picturesque nature, kind friends and teachers! Nikita.

This recreation has changed me for the better, and helped me to accept God into my heart. Thank you for cooks that were cooked delicious. Thanks to those who donated their vacations to be with us, thanks to tutors for exciting games and the bible studies. Sofia.

This recreation was a real blessing for me. I learned more about God and began to understand the Bible better. I am especially grateful to my tutors Svetlana Petrovna and Mikhail Andreyevich for their support and guidance. I want to thank everyone who was doing one’s best that this recreation might take place; it was a blessing for us all. Eduard.

I really liked the "Lighthouse" (although the free time was not so much). At first, I thought that 14 days would last a long time but in the end it seemed to me that it took only five days. Daniil.

I thank the sponsors for their assistance in for our recreation. I also want to say thanks to all employees: cooks, tutors, directors, guards, all those who worked and helped. May God reward you a hundredfold. Rozaliya.

I really liked the "Lighthouse". I learned a lot in the bible lessons of the Kingdom of God, of Jesus' life among men. I thank tutors for their patience at our disobedience. I really liked the worshipping group as well which served us a lot. Polina.

The group №4

I really liked the "fire", games, and fishing. Vaniya.

Thank you for Igor Yurevich; he is an excellent tutor. Alexander.

I am here for the first time but I really enjoy it. Many thanks to the church that prayed for this recreation. It was awesome! Evelina.

I really like it here. Here are good teachers and helpers. I made a lot of friends. Katiya.

I am for the second time in the "Lighthouse". This time I will remember it more. We played pioneer-ball, football, badminton. We lived in houses. There were camp games; I really liked one of it called "Secret Friend". The time has flown by as one day. Lena.