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Summer Recreation of Children “Tropinka-2015” in Naberezhnye Chelny

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On the picturesque lake bank, there was organized a summer recreation for children. Its participants were children from Tatarstan churches, children of parents who do not attend a church, and also children from multi-child families.

Clear day regimen, high and varied feeding, sport competitions and games tended to strengthen health of the children.

Our children know many Bible stories but we realize how important it is that they might form a skill of communication with God. We decided to help them in developing these skills by studying the prayer “Our Father”. The prayer “Our Father” is called the Lord’s prayer as it had been introduced by Jesus Christ to His disciples when they asked Him how to pray. The primary goal of any prayer and goal of our children’s life is to build close relationships with their Heavenly Father. Our children want to make friends while God wants to become their best Friend. During morning watches, Bible lessons, evening services, tutors taught the children to understand the meaning of every phrase of this prayer, they also taught how to praise God through deeds.

God created all people different. He granted every child with special abilities and talents. The tutors with children asked God in a prayer to detect those talents and give them opportunity to realize those gifts while the recreation time. The children were worshipping the Lord every evening service, making little stages from the Bible and everyday life. All Sundays were devoted to worshipping God. Every group was preparing its own program that came to execution on the evening service.

They conducted various bible games with children like “Pilgrim’s journey”, “Find the address”, “Choose a way”, “Temptation day” and others. Those bible games taught the children how to implement truths of the Word of God in everyday life: to do right things one needs to turn into the Bible; God hears their prayers; the Holy Spirit will help them to cut their life way; also the children learned to serve each other. If one wants to get something one needs to invest efforts into it. 

Variable kinds of ministries made the children’s recreation useful and pithy. They understood that Jesus wants to become their Friend and develop relationships with them.

Despite of rainy weather, the children played a lot. Those were team games that helped them to make friends and become closer to each other. Also there were games for the whole camp when the children competed with each other, learned to win and be glad with one’s victory; there were other relay races as well.

Every day church ministers had meetings with the children; they had discussions, played games, helped in household affairs. On the final day, there was a proposal for those children who wanted to repent before God and accept Him in their hearts. Many children responded to that calling and we hope and will pray that God might settle those children in that decision.

God was laboring in every child’s heart and blessed all participants. Also many adults renewed their inner world and not only children. The Spirit of God touched everyone.

Organizers of this event wholeheartedly thank all who supported in preparation and carrying out of this recreation and specially parents who entrusted their children to us. Special thanks to the teenagers of our church who helped in camp’s groups, in organization services, who made friends with the children.

Great support in organization was provided from sponsors and members of Evangelical Churches of Tatarstan.

Organizers of children’s recreation