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Meeting of Christian youth who are more than 25 years old

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The fifth meeting of Christian youth who are more than 25 years old was in Cheboksary from May 9 to May 10. There were 35 participants from 9 cities. People wishing to be there were greater in number than that ones who could arrive. The first day, May 9, we spent in a building of The Baptist Church in Novocheboksarsk. The servant, Sergey Devyatyh, told us about important topics for starting a family. May 10, we were divided into two groups: the first one went to serve in the Church of Novocheboksarsk, the second one – in Cheboksary. After lunch, we went for a walk in the town, and during this time distributed Christian literature in a park. Also there we prayed and then filled forms about each other. After dinner we came back to the Chuch and there started introducing each other with the forms, meet and play action games.

 The sixth meeting was from June 11 to June 13 in a recreation center of Naberezhnye Chelny. The program was so rich: discussing, prays, meetings near fire, services and conservations with servants. There were 36 people from 8 cities. We were visited by servants Alexandr Vladimirovich Balashov with his children and Andrey Andreevich Stupnitsky. They told us their evidences, also conducted pastoral conversations. It was blessing for us. There we used a new way of meeting is to create a collage about you and your life in a paper.

Gulnaz Karimulina

The fourth meeting reviews

   Vyacheslav, Sarapul. I liked spending time in “Ryabinushka”. It was my first time there. We had a lot of interesting communications and evidences in evenings near fire. Again I made sure that God has His own plan for every person. Especially, I remembered the evidences of Ivan Grigoryev and Alexandr Balashov. They found God in jail, it is God’s mercy. Such communications are very useful for God’s people. Also we had a great competition: we did collages about our life. We had a lot of action games which helped us meet closer. I want to say: “Thank you”, - for everyone who organized this meeting and cooked such tasty meals. God bless you!

Tatiana, Izhevsk. Our recreation was unforgettable. Thank everyone who took part in organizing and served us, especially Gulnaz. Thank you for good welcome and your care. The meeting was so rich with spiritual food. I was so blessed with conservations with brothers, sisters and gurus. Thank every bishop and servant who visited us. I liked our food, thank for Svetlana Ivanovna and other cooks. The bath is amazing! I am pleased with everything. I am so glad that I met new friends. Wish you all blessings!

Olga, Naberezhnye Chelny. I want to thank everyone who took part in organizing the meeting! I especially liked Andrey Andreevich Stupnitsky’s admonition and Galina Sych’s evidence – examples like these are so inspiring! It is so good that we can spend time together, serve each other, learn something; despite we are from different denominations. Glory to God that He unites us!

Luba, Glazov. The sixth meeting in the recreation center “Ryabinushka” in Naberezhnye Chelny was unforgettable! It was one of the best meetings ever! I liked preaches, evidences and admonitions of servant-brothers and blessed sisters so much. Personally, a lot of information that I heard there was God’s revelation for me and inspiration to relook my notions. But there was not just spiritual food that filled our hearts, every day we eat the tastiest culinary masterpieces! The pilaf on fire – the most delicious! The weather was sunny and warm. Thanks to all brothers and sisters who took part in organizing and holding the meeting, who devoted his time for us. God bless you all! I was glad to see again friends from previous meetings. That is amazing that every meeting new brothers and sisters join to our communication!

Ludmila Melnikova. These meetings are really God’s blessing! It was my second one. We had such an unforgettable communication! In everything I could see God’s arm! How great and wonderful God who called these people from different cities to tell us something important and to bless. Thanks God for Svetlana and her husband. After our communication I felt ease! In general, this meeting and this communication is so clear and memorable. One week has already passed, but I have been steel smiling, remembering that time. God bless everyone, and I wish you love and the device in your personal life!